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Where Was I - Lifou, New Calendonia


Welcome to Lifou. My shipmate Baude and I were walking through peoples' backyard BBQs, trying to find a secret cove for a writing session. Turned out the moon was in a different place than a few weeks ago, and the…

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Press - Cox Music Show - March 13, 2020

"Will I Go" on Air this Friday Mar 13th (lucky lucky) 

Alika-My Devotion 
Tim Johnson-Fly Master 
Jimi And The Strangers-Keep On Killing Me 
Ben Cesare-So Long Sunshine, Hello Moonshine 
Colby Dean-Will I Go 
Adam's Nest-Baby…

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Learn My Music - Will I Go - Chords 

Will I Go  - Colby Dean


The “lick” is C/B C C/B Am 



Am C ‘lick’ Am 



There’s somethin’ ‘bout the river 

                                                      C      “lick” Am 

The way the water rises when it rains 


There’s somethin’ ‘bout…

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Featured - Sariah Roberts

Sydney, Australia - July 2019

NSW based actress, Sariah, was my muse in "Will I Go", a song off Colby Dean - EP. I snapped this behind-the-scenes photo during the filming session. She's studied at the "Howard Fine Acting Studio"…

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Where Was I - New Zealand Album Shoot

October 2019

Here is a heavily vegetated area in New Zealand. It's where my uncle and I chose to find the cover for my first album. This was one of the outlier shots, as it couldn't be cropped properly, but…

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Learn My Music - Suddenly - Chords 



D A G x2 

   D     A     G 
I see you around me 

   D              A     G 
Souls in a snow globe 

       Bm                 A      G 
I’ve left my heart fast asleep 

   D       A        G 
I like taking it slow 


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Featured - Joseph Baude

Lifou, New Caledonia - 2019

Baude and I's natural evolution was seafarers, friends, writing partners, to bandmates. Hence, the "Rippy Dippy Hippies" were born. You'll be hearing our first two singles "Welcome to the Show" and "Money" later in 2020…

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Back On Land

Back On Land

Time at home as allowed me relax a bit, and begin the demoing process for my next release. I think the song I'm most excited about at the moment is called "Black Box", a modern form of…

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Where Was I - Quezon City

NET 25 Appearance

This photo was taken in 2019, just before my set in Quezon City, Philippines, on a TV show called Letters & Music. On the air, I performed "Suddenly", a single from my debut EP. You can watch…

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