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"Black Box" coming February 4th

Closing in on my newest single "Black Box"! Coming February 4th.

The song is about the sinking of the El Faro, a cargo ship that was lost during hurricane Joaquin in 2015. After 11 months, searchers were able to recover…

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Learn My Music - Will I Go - Chords 

Will I Go  - Colby Dean


The “lick” is C/B C C/B Am 



Am C ‘lick’ Am 



There’s somethin’ ‘bout the river 

                                                      C      “lick” Am 

The way the water rises when it rains 


There’s somethin’ ‘bout…

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Sunday Shoutout - Alexander Wren

Happy to share Alexander Wren's newest tune, "Good In Goodbye". This is an alternative version to what you'd find on his debut EP. Enjoy the video below, featured on "Apeiron", one of the more influential music channels on YouTube. 

Back On Land

Back On Land

Time at home as allowed me relax a bit, and begin the demoing process for my next release. I think the song I'm most excited about at the moment is called "Black Box", a modern form of…

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